Saturday, 12 November 2011

I'm back!

Hello, everyone! It has been long time ago when I posted my last post, I have been really busy the last period. But, here I'm back again! And I have a new link for you to discover

Peace& Love, Mahawii

Friday, 28 October 2011

Getting married

One time I was listening to an Imam who spoke about getting married early and the benefits of it.
He says that getting married early was good for the both because they can change each others bad habbits ect.
Maybe he is right in that point but what if two young people get married in reallife??
I think that it’s not a good idea because in the most of the time the girl would have to stay at home and so she cann’t finish her education or have work. Also the men would maybe not have to chance to continue his education if he have to work to get money for the household ect. So both will not have a good certificate or work. This marriage will not stay or be not good or strong like it have to be and in this case it’s better to not get married.

Peace& Love, Mahawii


In the begin I thought this will be an idiot movie, but after the two get married the story really begun for me. This story is talking about human spirit and how with love you can overcome all the obstacels in their lifes.
Rani Mukhrajee was ugly looking with her fringe hairstyle, but later in the movie she had her own hairstyle again wich I like. saif Ali Khan, OMG I like him all! He is so cute and I also love his name Saif Ali…beautifull!

Peace& Love, Mahawii


LOL, a comedian program on the Lebanese OTV channel, it’s really funny but I can tell you it’s not something you can watch with your childeren, there’s too much sex jokes, actually it’s all about…

Peace& Love, Mahawii

خيوط ملونه /Khoyot Molawanah

Khoyot Molawanah is a other khaliji soap serie wich I really like, it’s such a great story about human spirit and live.
It’s al about drama and famliy& friends, this serie is a classic one!
If you wants to watch this online you can find it on:

Peace& Love, Mahawii

Monday, 24 October 2011

The section of Edgware Road near to Marble Arch is famous for its distinctive Middle-Eastern character. Lebanese restaurants, shisha cafes and clubs line both sides of the road, with some staying open late into the night. Marble Arch station is a few minutes walk from the southern end of Edgware Road.

Peace& Love, Mahawii

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